What Makes Good SEO?

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We are often asked what makes a good search engine optimization company?  Here’s a brief checklist:

1) Do they guarantee results?  If they don’t then they are probably not doing SEO.
2) Do they engage in ethical link building practices?  If they don’t, your site could get banned by Google.
3) Do they have a phone number?  If not, there’s probably a reason they don’t want you to call.
4) Do they make wild claims about thousands of links for next to nothing?  If so, then the links are probably fake or automated and can get your site penalized by a Google optimization filter.
5) Do they promise quality?  If not, why bother since you are right now reading this on the web site of a company that doesn’t just promise quality, but consistently delivers it, guarantees results, has 24/7 customer service and doesn’t make wild claims about what we can do, but we will do our jobs and we can get you to the top of Google, so try us today.  We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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