Optimizing for Bing

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Many companies ask about the differences between Google and Bing, and here’s a few things to keep in mind regarding the differences between their algorithms.

1) Links that work for Google may not work for Bing.  And, vice-versa.
2) Bing places a greater emphasis of certain elements of the HTML that is different than Google.  Search results are different based on a page’s content whereas for Google, its link popularity gives it greater weight.
3) Both are constantly being tweaked.  Bing more so than Google as they are trying to be on the cutting edge and offer competitive search results that would give a person an incentive to use Bing over Google.  Therefore, what may work one month may not work another.

We recommend optimizing your site across the board.  Place great content on each page and make it is unique.  Structure all the HTML or code correctly.  Do good keyword research.  Get great optimized links.

If you do that, you’ll be ready for search engine success.

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