Google Instant = The Death of SEO?

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When Google Instant first appeared, a lot of articles appeared claiming that it could mean the death of SEO.  Although none of these articles gave logical explanations for how Google Instant would equal the death of SEO rather than just a change in the search landscape, we thought it would be worth mentioning why Google Instant will actually benefit SEO for most companies.

1) Google Instant recommends searches as people type; this will result in certain keywords becoming ultra competitive.  The business that owns top ranking on these keywords will experience significant gains in traffic and business.  SEO will still be alive and well for these recommended searches simply because people are still searching.
2) Google Instant does not alter the search results for keywords, therefore, it will have no effect on SEO itself, only with keyword strategy.
3) Google Instant will only change search behavior; it will not actually change the fact that people search.
4) Google Instant will have no impact for searches in the toolbar, which is used quite often.

Therefore, we think the claim that Google Instant will kill SEO is more journalistic and emotional based rather than fact based.  Yes, it caused damage with certain businesses that had invested heavily in keywords Google Instant does not recommend, but it in no way interferes with the ability of businesses to optimize their sites for the keywords Google does now recommend, therefore, SEO is alive, well and thriving.

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