Social Media Marketing & Optimization

What’s all the buzz about SMM & SMO?

Social media marketing and optimization is a hot field right now. Everyone’s talking about who’s doing it and mostly everyone is trying their hand at it. But what is social media marketing, really? Apart from the hype, is it worth it? It is if you know your market and which social media sites they use on a daily basis.

How to market via social media

Social media marketing really comes down to marketing on a few key sites:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • MySpace
  • Flickr

There are other sites, but those are the big ones that represent 99% of the market and so we recommend focusing on those. One of the downsides to SMM & SMO is that, like SEO, it takes time to develop and if you try to do too much, it might affect the overall quality of your social media campaigns. We advise you to only concentrate on three or four of the major sites.

The question people often ask is which sites should they advertise on. Our recommendation is to go wherever your audience is. If you are targeting a more youthful, artistic crowd, you should definitely consider MySpace. If you’re going after an older, more affluent and educated demographic, consider Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you create content, or create any sort of visual media for your products, create a channel page on YouTube and post all of your media there.

Once you’ve decided which sites to advertise on, you’ll most likely require a company like Hot to assist you with planning and buying ad space on these sites, and also creating high-end profiles that feature the latest professional applications that make it easier for your customers to consume and share your content.


One of the benefits of Facebook is that it allows you to target your ads based on a users age, gender and even the keywords they use to identify themselves with, such as doctor or engineer. However, we don’t always recommend facebook advertising for more conservative budgets due to the ubiquitous click fraud on their ad network. Our experience has shown a small ROI for small to medium businesses that promote their products on Facebook. One client had a new visitor rate of only 2% from their Facebook ad campaign, which indicated that 98% of the clicks were fraudulent.

Because of this, we recommend create a facebook page. This requires no start up costs and if you place a link to your page on your outgoing emails, direct mail and even place a small facebook badge on your web site, it will cost you nothing to advertise on facebook except for the time it takes for someone to post content on it. We recommend publishing posts on your page at least once or twice a week, or if you have great content, daily. If you require any assistance with designing your Facebook page or content, or what is referred to as social media optimization, please give us a call at (800) 266-5294. Our social media marketing and optimization plans start from $100/month with no contracts or commitments.


If you find that a lot of your users are also on Twitter, you can sync up your Facebook page with Twitter so that all of your Facebook page posts are automatically converted into Tweets, saving your company time.

This is just a sampling of the social media marketing and optimization services our company provides, so if you have any questions about how to market or advertise on sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace or youtube, please give us a call at (800) 266-5294


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