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Hot! offers the most affordable and professional SEO services anywhere with data-driven keyword research, rich content optimizations and high quality one-way links that will guarantee more traffic, more sales and top ranking on Google. Call and speak with one of our SEOs for a free consultation at (800) 266-5294.


  • ALL of our SEO is driven by unique content crafted by professional SEO copywriters.
  • ALL of our SEO is based on exhausting research so that you rank for the actual keywords potential customers are searching.
  • ALL of our SEO copy is geographically optimized, meaning you show up for local searches where you provide products or services which means more relevant traffic to your site that will help increase your sales.
  • ALL of our SEO is strategic, meaning we think long-term and keep an eye on the competition.
  • ALL of our SEO is white-hat and ethical.
  • ALL of our plans include high quality one-way backlinks with content rich anchor text to increase your position for competive keywords.
  • ALL of our link research takes into account the latest algorithm trends for that keyword.
  • ALL of our SEO is guaranteed to increase your web site’s ranking. We offer a money back guarantee. If you don’t see an increase in keyword ranking due to our optimization within 90 days on any search engine, we will refund your money.
  • ALL of your company’s work will be accessible via a spreadsheet online that will allow you to watch content as its developed and links as they’re built so you can check them in real-time to see your site’s link equity and sales grow!

We offer several plans. There are no contracts with any of our services, and all of our services are month to month with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Plan $250/month $500/month $1,000/month $2,500/month $5,000/month $10,000/month
Keyword Research Included Included Included Included Included Included
HTML Optimization 1 web page per month 3 web pages per month 10 web pages per month 25 web pages per month 50 web pages per month 100 web pages per month
Monthly Ranking Reports Included Included Included Included Included Included
Link Building Included Included Included Included Included Included
Analytics Not Included Included Included Included Included Included
PPC Management Not Included Not Included Included Included Included Included
Social Media Optimization Not Included Not Included Not Included Included Included Included
Social Media Management Not Included Not Included Not Included Not Included Included Included
Google Web Site Optimizer Not Included Not Included Not Included Not Included Not Included Included

How to sign up?

All of our billing is done through PayPal or by credit card. You are billed once each month automatically depending on the plan you sign up for. You may cancel at anytime.


What makes your SEO different?

We love and believe in what we do. There’s no greater feeling in the world than seeing our clients’ sites at the top of search engines, earning huge profits and all because we put them there. Other companies may offer the same service, but we’d like you to consider whether they’d bring the same passion and dedication that we do that has consistently outperformed the expectations of even our most demanding clients.

How long does it take to get to the top of Google?

It all depends, but you should never aim to be at the top of Google for one keyword. This has often been the downfall of many companies that pursue a search engine optimization strategy on the web. Although we agree it’s best to stick to one thing and do it well, we also think a better search engine optimization strategy is to optimize your site for hundreds of major keywords, and optimize those pages for thousand and thousands of possible keyword combinations and consider the increases in traffic and sales as key to whether your SEO is successful or not.

If you approach SEO our way, you will see a substantial statistical growth in web visitors via search that may be dozens of times higher than focusing on just one keyword alone. Having said that, it may take from six months to several years to be at the top of Google for very competitive keywords, the secret is to find what the most successful sites do and replicate their success via their content ratios and link equity. However, some sites have hundred of thousands of quality backlinks. If your site has zero links, it will take a long time to develop the necessary link equity and may not even be worth it if there’s hundreds of other keywords that are less competitive that when combined, can deliver ten times the amount of traffic. Your best bet is to pursue an aggressive PR strategy to create the necessary organic growth in link equity to encourage higher placement in the search results coupled with one of our above plans. Our strategy will help you achieve your goal of getting at the top for a given keyword, but on the journey to that keyword, we’ll help thousands of new customers find you via keywords you never thought possible, and that your competitors don’t know exist.

Can SEO hurt or dilute my web site’s ranking?

No, our SEO won’t because it abides by the guidelines Google’s engineers have set forth for rich, content optimization and HTML coding. But, there are some companies that do a different type of SEO called “black-hat SEO”, which can get your site banished from search engines. Some SEO companies advertise immediate results via blackhat SEO techniques such as cloaking keywords (so they blend in with the background of the page and are invisible to visitors) and using redirects and other clandestine techniques. Some of these methods can theoretically help your site, but if Google catches it, they’ll remove your site from their results or throw down its relevance so it no longer shows at the top. This will result in a total loss of your SEO investment and make it harder to ever get to the top (indeed, you’ll need to invest in a new web site or domain altogether). However, if SEO is done correctly, if your SEO helps to make your content richer, your code cleaner and abides by Google’s guidelines (which we do), you can be at the top of Google and not worry about being blacklisted due to dishonest or clandestine SEO techniques that people used back in 2004, but which no longer work today and can even harm your site. At the end of the day, SEO is an art and you should always make sure the company you’re signing up with can offer examples of their work, referrals from current clients, and so on. If they can’t, “Caveat empor!”

How long does it take to see results?

Results will never be immediate with link building or SEO. Link building and SEO are long-term investments, and you generally will not see any of the benefits for up to three months. The reason for this is that it takes Google time to crawl every web site you have a link on and then it takes time for Google to update the search engine results with these new links and content it finds. Although you can see results within one week with content optimizations, it will generally not be up to 2-3 months with link building. Typically, companies will see the benefits and increased ranking 6-12 months after they sign up, and even then, it depends how competitive the environment is and how many links the top sites have for those keywords. If it is a very competitive and sophisticated industry, we generally recommend the $1,000 month plan as this will achieve the most results since it removes your competitors’ links and replaces those links with yours. In our experience, this has offered the most results in terms of return on investment for clients, as they’ve been able to capture their competitor’s link equity and convert it to their own. This pushes them up in ranking and drives their competitors down. Please note that we will only ask webmasters to remove artificial links, not natural links, so this type of link building is completely ethical. In a sense, you are paying the webmaster to remove the competitor’s ad and replace it with yours, only in the case of links, these types of ad have influence over your actual ranking in search engines due to a confluence of factors such as number of links, quality of links and keyword anchor text.

I want to sign up, how do I get started?

You can sign up online via the following links below or call us at (800) 266-5294 and make an appointment to speak with one of our specialists. When you call, please provide as much information as possible to our receptionist. Our specialists will research your web site, your keywords and your competition before calling you so they can give you a clear and honest idea of what you are up against and what it will take to get to the top of Google.

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