SEO Services for Bing

SEO for Bing is not very different than SEO for Google. One of the major differences, however, is the way Bing looks at backlinks. Currently, Microsoft places a much higher value on the text in the links, or what we refer to in the industry as “anchor text”. We’ve included some additional information below.

How this works in practice

If two web sites have eighty links each, then in theory if site one has 61 links that have anchor text for a certain keyword, as opposed to 60 for site two, then in Bing, the site with more anchor text in its backlinks will show up higher even if the other site has somewhat better quality backlinks (which will push it up higher on Google). This is due to the way Bing computes the value of a site based on the anchor text of its links.

To avoid this dilemma, we generally recommend getting great quality backlinks with anchor text so you rank high on both Google and Bing. However, we should put a note of caution, backlinks alone will not determine your site’s ranking, but a combination of several factors such as on-page content, title tags, etc…that will influence it. The above example is only meant to demonstrate the differences between how Google and Bing are different, and is only based on statistical variances seen in rankings for our own sites on both search engines.

If you’d like help with SEO on Bing, please give us a call at (800) 266-5294 for assistance in optimizing your site or a given web page for Bing.

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