Search Engine Submission Services

Alright, you’ve built a site, done all the grunt work or paid someone a lot of money, but you’re still not on Google, why is that? There are some companies that offer to submit your sites to search engines, but what they don’t tell you is that submitting your sites to search engines is absolutely free.

How to submit a site to Google

Some people will tell you to go to Google’s submit a site, or even tell you to use Google’s webmaster central. However, even that’s not necessary and you can save a lot of time (and also be in Yahoo, Bing and other search engines) by simply creating a link to your site from another site that is already in search engines.

If you create this link, search engines will follow it from that site to your site, and crawl your site and make a record of its content (what we refer to in the industry as “indexing”). Then, in 1-3 weeks, you’ll show up in search engines. It’s that easy.

One easy way to do this, without knowing how to create a link yourself, is to go to and submit your site there. Almost every search engine will crawl Digg and index your site from there.

If you’re wondering how to create a link, we recommend googling “how to create a link” for examples of how to create an a href link. However, be mindful that some sites have their own rules on how to create links, especially if they use a content management system or some other language that is not HTML based.

If you find that after your site is submitted that you still don’t have any traffic, keep in mind that submitting your site to a search engine is never enough to get traffic. You need to make sure your HTML is optimized from the title tag, the meta description to the content in the body itself of each web page, and every page and tag should have unique content. Don’t spend money on worthless search engine submission services, instead, invest it in a good SEO that can do rich content optimizations and provide quality link building services and the rest will take care of itself.

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