International Internet PPC Advertising

Did you know that you can start selling products to companies in China right now using Google, Yahoo and local search engines such as Baidu?  We can find translators to convert your ads to the local language and manage your international pay per click campaigns.

Are you paying too much for clicks?

You might be, especially if you’re advertising overseas.  If you manage your own Google Adwords advertising campaign or have another company handle it for you, you may find that having one of our Adwords consultants optimize it to increase its quality score can decrease your pay per click costs substantially, sometimes by up to 30%.  One of the main benefits of translating ads is not the literal translation, but the cultural translation as well.  You want to make sure you speak to each market in their own language that speaks to their own experiences, not in a language they find arrogant or offensive, which will lead to low click thru rates and poor conversion rates for your site as a whole.

When outsourcing your international internet advertising or marketing services to us, you’ll also find that we locate niche sites and search engines in each locality so your ad volume increases and you can increase the number of oversea sales.

How does our international optimization work to decrease your costs?

  • We separate your ad groups by language so you can target sites in English and then target sites in the local language.
  • We consult with expatriates to make sure the ads make sense and are not offensive to locals.
  • We find keywords in the local languages since literal translation of keyword grouping won’t always suffice.
  • We create different campaigns targeting different areas and that use different keyword settings, so for example, if someone searches from outside your area for your services in the area your service by including the city name in your keyword, your ad will still show and you will receive a highly desirable and relevant click.
  • We research local dialects and incorporate ad targeting to include regional variations of culture and language.
  • We research negative keywords in both English and the local language and include them so you don’t show for searches unrelated to the services or products you provide.
  • We advise you on web site content optimizations that can factor into Google’s Quality Score algorithm on Adwords.  When you change these, you may find that your quality score improves by a factor of two.  We may also recommend creating a new domain so that the domain is located in that country (for example, if you are doing pay per click advertising in Germany to target Volkswagen executives, you will want to use a .de domain).
  • We manage your bids on a weekly or daily basis so you never pay too much and your ads stay in top position.
  • We narrowly target a specific area where your ads display using Google’s IP geo-mapping tool so your ads only appear in the areas where you provide service.  This helps reduce unnecessary clicks and reduces your costs.
  • We target a nationwide radius and create specific keyword settings and geo-tag them so they only show up for searches related to the areas you provide.
  • We can set a time limit for when your ads display so they only display during business hours and in the local time-zones, this way your ads don’t begin in US time and run out of ad spend due to click fraud by 4 am local time.  This way the chances a customer will connect with your business increases.
  • We place your phone and contact info in your ads, increasing the calls you receive even from those don’t click on your ad.
  • We optimize your campaign so it shows up on Google Maps, and gives you priority on Google’s listings for geo-specific searches.

What happens when your quality score increases on Google Adwords for international searches?

  • It increases your ad position even if your bid costs decrease.  For example, if you are in postion 3-5 and bidding $3 for a keyword but only have a quality score of 4, you will find that you can be in position  1 with only a bid of $2 if your quality score increases to 10.  This means you can receive 50 clicks for every $100, instead of 33, and also receive a higher volume of traffic due to higher pay per click ranking.
  • You receive higher placement, which leads to higher click thru rates, which in turn, helps to increase your quality score even more.
  • It allows you to outperform your competitors as you pay less for the same number of clicks.
  • You save money, which allows you to invest in either more clicks or other advertising or SEO for your international internet advertising or overseas pay per click advertising on Google.

Are you paying too much for pay per click management or tired of doing it yourself and want to outsource your international pay per click advertising to a company that has your best interests in mind? Please give us a call and we can take a look at your campaigns and recommend the proper course of action to decrease your advertising costs overseas and increase your return on investment. Our international pay per click management starts as low as $500/month.  Call us now to learn more at (800) 266-5294 or if calling from outside the US, please email us using the request a quote form. Our associates speak English, German, French and Spanish, and we have translators on hand for other languages such as Japanese and other East Asian languages.

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