Google Web Site Optimizer

Google Web Site Optimizer is included with our $1,000 month SEO plan.  It allows you to perform A/B testing of web pages to see which design works better based on the data you collect from site and purchasing behavior. This allows you to make data-driven decisions that increase customer satisfaction on your web site, reducing bounce rates, increasing conversion rates and more.

What types of insights can I gain from Web Site Optimizer

Google Web Site Optimizer can tell you:

  • If one web page design provides does something better than a different design (e.g., increases conversions, engagement, et cetera).
  • If different body content on a page or even a color increases the number of people that engage with your site.
  • If an additional feaure like livechat or video increases engagement and conversions.

If you’d like to try out Google Web Site Optimizer, please give us a call at (800) 266-5294 to see how our $1,000 month plan can help your company increase the number of visitors that convert into customers on your web site.

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