Google Image & Video Advertising

Hot specializes in search engine optimization, but we also provide Google Adwords consulting services. We have years of experience managing the most difficult campaigns on Google Adwords, Yahoo and Microsoft. We can design and place image and video ads for your business across the web using Google Adwords’ content network and other tier-two search engines as well as social media sites like facebook.

Do you want to advertise images or videos on Adwords?

Google’s content network allows you to display image banner ads, as well as videos, through its network of partner sites.  These sites include major newspaper sites such as the New York-Times, social media sites such as MySpace and LinkedIn, and hundreds of thousands of smaller niche sites that can be a source of incredible and highly relevant traffic.

Please give us a call if you would like to add image or video advertising to your Adwords campaign.   We also offer high quality ad design and online video production services as well via our videography division at

Call us now to learn more at (800) 266-5294.

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