Facebook Advertising

Hot can design creatives and buy ad space for you on Facebook

Have you thought about advertising on Facebook? Hot can manage a Facebook advertising campaign for you free of charge when you sign up for any of our plans. Our specialists will set up a high performance campaign that reduces your overall costs by intelligent targeting and advanced bid management tools.

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  • Over 350,000,000 active Facebook users.
  • Users can be targeted by age, gender, keyword, location, schools and employers.
  • Facebook allows you to attach social actions to your ads to increase relevance.

How much does Facebook advertising cost?

The average Facebook cost per click is between $1 and $2, though there is some variance based on the geographic area and demographics being targeted. Our recommendation is to budget at least $500/monthly for facebook advertising.

How much do you charge to set up a Facebook advertising campaign, Facebook ad page or Facebook connect on our web site?

If you sign up for our $500/monthly plan, we don’t charge a penny. All of our social media optimization is included free of charge. You save thousands of dollars over the social media marketing costs of other ad agencies in Chicago and beyond, and still get the same great service and online reputation management.

How do I get more Facebook fans?

We recommend taking caution when trying to get Facebook fans outside of Facebook’s advertising service as they’ve recently set up strict new rules to prevent viral marketing, such as contests, to promote your page and attract new fans. Our advice is to do the following:

  • Promote your facebook page on your website
  • Promote your facebook page on the footers of every outgoing email newsletter, email blast and even employee’s emails.
  • Promote your facebook page on receipts, coupons, catalogs, brochures, print, radio, tv and direct mailing advertisements.
  • Provide great content on your facebook page that’s worth talking about. We recommend viral videos, photographs and online applications. If you require help with content production, we offer online video production services at very competitive rates. Please call us at (800) 266-5294 to learn more.

Do you design Facebook applications?

Yes, we can design one for you at an extremely competitive market rate. Please call us at (800) 266-5294 to learn more.

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