Facebook Ad Page Development

Managing a Facebook Ad Page

We recommend investing in content production and virally promoting it on Facebook at least once a week to build relationships with fans. We don’t recommend using it as a tool to tell your fans what the marketing department is up to that week. See below for some general tips on managing a Facebook page.


Here are a few tips on managing your Facebook ad page:

  • Get as many fans as possible, but make sure the fans are relevant (i.e., actually fans of what you offer). No one likes trolls, and if you get a few, it could turn one facebook post into a PR nightmare. When promoting your page, promote it to the right people.
  • Keep those fans engaged with your brand by offering them fresh and exclusive content they can’t get anywhere else. Put your TV commercials on Facebook first (even if it’s a superbowl ad) and make them feel special.
  • Fresh content isn’t just videos. It can be images, blog posts, and even news. If something happens that’s going to affect your fans, let them know.
  • Don’t delete a fan’s opinion just because you don’t like it, or it interferes with the brand’s image. Everyone should have a say and be able to express their opinion on your page, and we encourage you to listen to negative feedback and create a conversation with customers to let you know how you’re working to resolve it. Keep deletions for spam or comments that have unwanted language or references.
  • Engage them as much as possible, but don’t overdo it. If you annoy your fans with, they’ll ignore you or even unfan you. You can generally tell when your posts are not effective when fans don’t comment or like them.

Hot can help manage your Facebook ad page and help you to produce engaging creatives for your fans. Call us at (800) 266-5294 to learn more.

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