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How to gain, measure and improve your email campaigns
Our advice to anyone that wants to run a successful email marketing campaign is to test as much as possible. Even if you don’t have the time, make the time to do some A/B testing of subject lines (to increase open rates) and email content (to increase CTR), to ensure you’re getting a return from your email campaign.

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I’m new to email marketing, what should I do?

You need to build up a list first. You buy them, but we recommend placing a newsletter sign up link on your web site to collect addresses. Don’t buy spam lists, however. Spamming people isn’t just against the law, but it can destroy your IP’s sending score, delivering all of your future emails directly to recipients’ spam folders. You don’t want that.

I’ve built a list, what then?

There are several programs you can use. If you have a small list, try Their service is free for lists smaller than 500. If you’re emailing more, you could shop around for the best price. Once you decide on an email sender, you’ll then need to develop the email itself. We recommend creating a text and HTML version. Get a professional designer and brand the hell out of that HTML email and make it look awesome and make sure the content’s engaging and delivers to your audience exactly what they want. Be sure to use an image in the header that has a call to action, like “Click here to enter our contest to win a free Tesla Roadster”. Don’t be afraid to give them something for free, but if you’re giving away a car, don’t be afraid to email us first. We would be willing to give you our service free for life for a Tesla Roadster.

Alright, the email was sent, what then?
Did you tag your URLs? Be sure to use your Google Analytics account and tag your URLs with the following tagger:

Then, log into your Google Analytics account and see your email’s performance under the campaign stats. Your email software should also contain some built in analytics. Be sure to make a record of what works in each email blast and incorporate it into future ones to keep the open and click thru rates high.

If you need help developing a successful email marketing campaign, give us a call at (800) 266-5294.

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