Advertising on Twitter

Is Twitter just hype? We believe so. Unless you’re a major brand or a taco truck, chances are, your Tweets won’t deliver much revenue or help potential customers discover you. However, we might be wrong and for that reason, we can help you design a Twitter account that fits your brand and link it up to your Facebook account so your posts are automatically converted into tweets.

What’s the deal about Twitter?

Twitter can:

  • Help you find customers by searching for keywords in their tweets. For example, if they just moved to San Francisco and you represent a furniture store, you could save a search for “San Francisco Furniture” and when you see someone that’s tweeted, you can follow and send them a message, offering them a coupon or special offer to stop in.
  • Help customers find you via keywords in your tweets.
  • Help you see what the competition is up to by following their accounts.
  • Helps customers connect with your web site and other promotions via links in your tweets.

What Twitter can’t do:

  • It doesn’t allow you to pay to reach people via ads (at least not yet).
  • It doesn’t guarantee that anyone you follow will follow you back.
  • It doesn’t tell you much about the people following you.
  • It doesn’t let you say more than a few sentences (seriously).

Should I invest in Twitter advertising?

It depends. If you sign up with any of our plans, we’ll design a Twitter profile for you and offer free consulting services on how to develop content for it. Twitter is a great tool to use when you want to spread word about something new and have a dedicated fan base. We just don’t recommend basing your business model on it.

How do I get more followers?

  • Promote your Twitter profile on your website
  • Promote your Twitter profile on the footers of every outgoing email newsletter, email blast and even employee’s emails.
  • Promote your Twitter profile on receipts, coupons, catalogs, brochures, print, radio, tv and direct mailing advertisements.
  • Tweet about content that’s worth talking about. We recommend viral videos, photographs and online applications. If you require help with content production, we offer online video production services at very competitive rates. Please call us at (800) 266-5294 to learn more.
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