Who We Are

Hot!’s main office is based in the heart of Chicago, IL but we have a team of nationwide professionals from California to New York to Miami to Houston that bring together some of the best talent in the industry into a virtual work environment allowing us to cut costs over competing agencies and save each client up to 50% (while still delivering a superior service).

We only hire the best, but having said that, we still make sure each employee goes through an extensive training program to ensure they meet our Quality Guidelines which are:

1) Be Great: Our philosophy on this matter is simple, be the best you can be, in your work, in your life and in everything you do and the results will shine through.

2) Never Deliver A Bad Product: We train all of our employees to check their work.

3) Research: The lifecycle of our industry moves pretty fast, what works for SEO one month might not work a year later.  We train all of our employees to stay up to date with current best practices so our clients’ campaigns stay at the cutting edge of SEO and online marketing.

4) Make The Right Decisions: You can’t train people to make the right decisions, but we can ask them to use their heads, to think about the consequences, and to do what’s in the best interests of the client.

5) Customer Service:  Be thoughtful and listen to the client’s needs and don’t react but think and be constructive.  Solve problems, don’t create them.

Hot! Internet Agency has brought together one of the best creative and analytical teams in the industry to create an interactive environment that encourages hard work, intelligence and innovation. Many of our associates have or are pursuing advanced degrees in business and marketing and are experts in their respective fields.  Our mission is simple: to provide the best possible level of service; to be the professionals and leaders that we are and to set the standard which all our competitors look up to.

CEO, Michael Szymczyk

Hot was founded by Michael as he was working on his MBA at Loyola University in Chicago. He brings over ten years of SEO and internet marketing experience to Hot!, having worked in the field since its infancy. Although he has a technical background with computers and the web, Michael also has an interest in foreign languages and is fluent in German, French, Spanish and is currently learning Japanese. He also has a background in the liberal arts, particularly Philosophy, Literature and History. He brings many humanist ideas and principles to the workplace and also to his management style and hopes that by encouraging hard work, honesty and intelligence, Hot! can remain the innovative industry leader it currently is.  He takes a hands on approach with each client and will often work directly with them to ensure they receive the best possible service they can get.

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